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The System page outlines the equipment and process used to record the sound files, plus details of the Test Clips.
Within the Cartridge pages, brief set up details and estimated useage of each of the cartridges are defined.
I have also included the CD Recorder "Recording Level" to give a relative idea of cartridge output.
Although I have added my concise opinions on each of the cartridges, the main objective here is for you to be able to download the Test Clips and draw your own conclusions.
By popular request the sound files are in the uncompressed WAV (CD) format at approximately 23Mb each.
These will take approximately 2 minutes each to download on a 2Mbps Internet Connection
The best method to appraise the Test Clips is to download and burn an "Audio CD" to play back through your hi-fi.
Digital Players tend to offer a different tonal balance (generally brighter) to most turntables, please ensure you understand these differences before making a judgement on the cartridges in question.
Due to selling some units since commencement of this project, not all of the Test Clips are available for each unit.

In order to ensure a consistent and relative appraisal, all Moving Magnet and High Output Moving Coil units (unless otherwise stated) have been fed into a standard MM 47k Ohm input stage.
The Pre-Amp/Step Up devices used to appraise Low Output Moving Coil units are identified separately.
Further optimisation may be possible with alternative input stages and resistive loadings.
OK so there it is - have a look and feel free to leave any feedback on the email link below.

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