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I've owned and auditioned a number of cartridges over the years, each possessing it's own unique character.
While looking for that elusive perfect system match, I have employed many sources to assist in making the best choice of cartridge. The prime route has been to demo a shortlist with local dealers, however there are a number of drawbacks with this approach.

The main problem is that this only allows appraisal of what your local dealer stocks and even then, as cartridges are relatively lower value items, dealers are not keen on spending hours of their time installing and demo-ing.
Also, it's never convenient to pack up the whole of your system to take to a dealer and even then, the acoustics in their demo room rarely comes close to your home environment.
So in the main we are generally reliant on Magazine Reviews and Internet Audio Forums. These can be highly informative, but the opinions are subjective. One persons pure high hat timbre can be another's white noise hell.

As the cartridges I've auditioned are generally popular I thought it might be useful to share some thoughts, but more importantly use my Webspace to post audio sound files to offer an insight into their inherent character.
The aim here is to provide more than just written words regarding the cartridges I have personally experienced, this may then assist you in making a more informed choice when investigating a future purchase.

Created by Mail To: September 2007

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