Thorens TD-160

This Classic Thorens TT was given to me by my Brother (thanks Bro) - he'd got a few decks and this one was gathering dust in his attic.

It was in pretty good shape but needed a few things doing, including;
A thorough clean (including the headshell contacts), bearing lube, suspension adjustment, new cartridge tags and new RCA connectors.
There was also a bit of play in the bearings of the TP16 tone arm - thankfully very straight forward to adjust.

The platter was covered in a light, pale corrosion.
Nothing that a little bit of wet'n'dry paper with lots of soapy water couldn't fix.

Have tried a variety of cartridges, including the LOMC AT OC9 ML II (as pictured) which performed very well.

A stylish and accomplished Turntable.

UPDATE: This turntable has now been passed on to a colleague who is once again enjoying the world of vinyl

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