Linn Sondek LP-12

After a Pioneer, a couple of Aristons and a Linn Axis this has been my principal Turntable since 2006.

Bought from a friend who had looked after it well, but had decided to sell all his vinyl gear in a downsizing move.

It's currently sporting a Deer Hide platter mat - thanks to my very good friend Bammer - Cheers Mate!

This is by far the best TT I have owned, the biggest difference over it's predecessors is impeccable tracking, especially of inner grooves.
It is very well balanced with the rest of my system, offering (to my ears) a natural, organic sound.

I have tried a couple of other highly regarded later decks since acquiring this, but remain very satisfied with the Sondek.


One day I hit the start button and .... Nothing! Thankfully the motor board repair was remarkably simple & captured HERE
It also taught me a bit of a lesson - To always switch this deck off at the mains when not in use to protect the electronics

And after several years without upgrades, I finally got around to replacing the original audio cable - there's some info HERE

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