Dual CS 503-1

This deck came up for sale locally and although I wasn't really on the look out I just thought "Why not?"

The seller said he'd bought it new, used it occasionally, then stored it away in the attic for the last 20 years or so

I believe him - other than a few scuffs on the cover it was in great shape

I had to fit a new belt & change the cables as both had perished and gone open circuit - a very simple job

There was also a speed control issue which was addressed by cleaning the speed circuit contacts

Other than that, all was good - Even the original cartridge and stylus checked out fine under a microscope too

Theres a few more pics and details HERE

It's a simple, reasonably well made deck, I'd suggest probably better than most of the entry level TT's of today.

Created by Mail To: davey_w@hotmail.co.uk: May 2017