Dual 1219

This had been stored for a few years prior to coming my way
Arm actuation was a little jerky and the auto return was not functioning

After a clean, lube and some minor adjustments, I managed to get all the mechanisms (including the stacker bar) working perfectly.

Some relatively minor scuffs on the dust cover polished out simply enough

And the original Dual CK 20 plinth just needed a thorough clean and polish

This has now replaced the Thorens TD-160 as my second deck, principally due to the fact that it's fully automatic

It now sits proudly alongside the Sondek and is the table of choice for general, background listening
The auto cue and shut off being a big bonus - I never touch the arm and it doesn't matter if I forget when the side is at an end

These fully auto units truly are a mechanical work of art!

I didn't believe I'd ever be going back to a fully auto unit again - Never say never eh!

UPDATES: Here are a list of some of the subsequent mods and servicing actions delivered along the way

After plenty of use, the motor became a little nosiy, needing a rebuild & lube which is captured HERE
This then led to a great recommendation to mass load the platter which is also referenced in this thread

It then suffered with a worsening channel drop out issue which was pinned down to a perished tonearm wire
There's some background and plenty of pics of the re-wiring that followed which can be found HERE

Finally after similar success on the Sondek, it also got treated to a new cable of which there are some details HERE

This little engineering marvel continues to sit alongside the Linn and remains my now reliable daily driver

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