Dual 1019

The sevicing and subsequent enjoyment of the Dual 1219 sparked further interest in the brand, especially what had gone before

Reading up on the history led to a hankering to try out a 1019. Ultimately one came up for sale nearby, advertised with a few ....... issues

I wasn't too concerned about what was described, as many of these I'd encounted on the 1219. So a deal was struck and this came home

It included a nice, solidly built home made yew plinth, unfortunately no cover though

The mechanism had been previously cleaned, but excessivley lubed in the right and wrong places

It was cleaned, re-lubed, some adjustment in the mechanisms was required and an issue with the wiring corrected

Other than that all was well and it is now making up the third turntable in the Hi-Fi Rack

I kept a log of the issues encountered and addressed HERE

At the time of writing the deck has recently had a cable swap (from a Linn Sondek) and is currently sporting an ADC XLM III

There's something very reassuring about the solid feel of the levers and auto mechanism - and more importantly sounding very nice indeed
Real authority to the bottom end with a clean, crisp delivery elsewhere - Very impressive for a 50 year old TT

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